Louisa, you are learning so fast.

Dear Louisa,

It’s amazing to watch you learn English.  After hearing a word only one time, you often immediately repeat it.  And you pick up on how to use new words so fast.

A few months ago, your Mom and I were slightly horrified (and also amazed and entertained) to hear you say “Oh, shit” when you opened the slider door too hard and made the security system magnet fall off and hit the ground.  I hadn’t been paying much attention to what I said until that point, and the damage had already been done – you had learned the right context of when someone might say “Oh, shit” and we heard it from you a handful of times after that as well.  (Thankfully you seem to have forgotten about that word now – we haven’t heard you say it in a while, but we are still trying to watch what we say around you.)

You recently started saying something new, and I absolutely love it.  You love stacking blocks to make towers, and sometimes you will realize that you need to take a few blocks off the top so that you can put the right-sized one where it belongs.  When this would happen, your Mom and I would ask you “Can I help you?” and we would take some of the blocks for you so you could finish the tower.

Now when you need help with something, you will look to your Mom or me and say “Mama helpyou?” or “Dada helpyou?”  It’s really sweet.  You’re a wonderful little girl, Lou.