Margaret, you are a wonderful source of joy.

Dear Margaret,

You bring so much joy to your Mom and me.  You are such a sweet baby but it’s hard to describe all of the wonderful ways that you make your Mom and me feel.

You always have a smile at the ready and you love being held.  Whenever you see me walking towards you, your face immediately lights up with joy.

You and your Mom have so many special times together when you’re nursing – you’ll roll onto your back and just look up at her and coo.  It really melts your Mom’s heart.  It’s going to be a very sad day for your Mom when you stop nursing.

You used to hate tummy time, but you’ve gotten really good at it. You’re holding your head up so high and so steady. You just love to look around and take everything in.

You’re getting really good at standing because your legs are getting so strong.  You can roll yourself from your back onto your stomach, and you do it most nights now.  You haven’t figured out how to roll the other way, though – your arms get in the way.  (You do this funny thing with your right arm that your Mom and aren’t sure about – you hold and use it differently than you do your left arm.  Your Mom calls it your little kickstand because it gets in the way and props you up when you’re trying to roll onto your back.)

You have strikingly beautiful eyes. If you’re wearing green, they look green; if you’re wearing blue, they look blue. I don’t know where you got them because your Mom and I both have brown eyes. You sure are a beautiful baby and we love you so much.

You love it when I fly you up in the air.  My beard scratches your face when I give you kisses and it makes you laugh.  When you’re hungry, you’ll bring my hand up to your mouth and suck/bite on my fingers, getting my hand all covered in your drool in the process.  Your breath is so warm and smells like cheese.  My heart hurts when I think about you – it’s just overwhelming the emotions you bring up.