Louisa, you are learning so fast.

Dear Louisa,

It’s amazing to watch you learn English.  After hearing a word only one time, you often immediately repeat it.  And you pick up on how to use new words so fast.

A few months ago, your Mom and I were slightly horrified (and also amazed and entertained) to hear you say “Oh, shit” when you opened the slider door too hard and made the security system magnet fall off and hit the ground.  I hadn’t been paying much attention to what I said until that point, and the damage had already been done – you had learned the right context of when someone might say “Oh, shit” and we heard it from you a handful of times after that as well.  (Thankfully you seem to have forgotten about that word now – we haven’t heard you say it in a while, but we are still trying to watch what we say around you.)

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Louisa: “Hi, People”

Dear Louisa,

This morning we all went to the zoo, like we do almost every weekend.  You love the zoo, and your Mom and I love watching you at the zoo.  When we get there and let you out of the stroller, you immediately start running and get so excited by all of the stuff you see.

This morning, you went running up ahead of us and you saw some people and yelled “Hi, people!” to them.  Your mom and I looked at each other and just smiled.  You didn’t know those people, but you just wanted to say “Hi” to them.  You’re such a sweet girl with a sweet heart, and we love you so much.

Dear Louisa

Dear Louisa,

Wow, how you changed our lives.

Before you entered this world, your mom and I had a nice life together – very quiet and relaxing.  No responsibilities and the cats (Fitzgerald and Dianna, you might remember them depending on how much longer they live) were our babies and we thought we loved them like they were our children.

Oh boy, were we wrong. We didn’t know what it meant to love until you came along, but I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.
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