Margaret, we received some good news about your heart.

Dear Margaret,

Your Mom and I received some quite good news recently.  Yesterday, I took you to see your cardiologist for another follow-up after your operation in October.  Your last checkup had been in early November, which was about a month after the balloon operation on your pulmonary valve, and you were doing well then, too.

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Dear Margaret

Dear Margaret,

What a sweet addition to our family you have been. It’s funny how as a parent you don’t realize that you’re missing something until it arrives and is part of your family. That’s how it was with you and your sister – we didn’t know what we were missing and now our lives will never be the same.

You were born on September 2, but you know that already.  Your Mom and I went in to the hospital in the morning and before we knew it, you were born.  I almost missed you being born, too!  I was downstairs in the hospital getting something to eat, and when I got back to your Mom, she was ready to go – a couple of minutes later, you were born. Continue reading “Dear Margaret”