2022-06-07 A Better Day

Not much happened today, so her are some pictures of my sweet girls. They’re each so different and so wonderful in their own unique way.

Norah has been “talking” so much lately and it’s just so much fun to observe. She’ll be playing and just singing little songs to herself, completely content in her own world. She’s also beginning to show a little sassiness. She is very opinionated about not wanting any help whatsoever with certain things, and she’s very often shaking her head ‘no’ about things we might ask her or try to do with her. Nodding her head ‘yes’ takes a lot more coordination, it seems, and right now is kind of a whole shoulder and head dip as opposed to just nodding.

Norah in her grandma pajamas.

The kids have been attending a summer camp this week at a local church. The girls have loved it from day 1, but Jack had to warm up over the first couple of days. Now they’re all in full stride and loving it each day. Sadly it’s only a four-day long camp, so Thursday is the last day. The girls are doing a cheer-leading theme and Jack’s is sports themed. They’re doing a performance for the parents on the last day which I’m sure will be just the cutest.

Making Waves at their first summer camp of 2022