2022-06-08 Fun Neighbors

This evening when I came up from work (from the basement), the entire family was across the street at Mr. Mike and Ms. Abby’s house, sitting in their driveway while Mike worked in the garden. Abby was letting our kids get her cars filthy as they were trying to help “clean” them with a pail of water, a scrub brush and a squeegee. It seems that Mike and Abby had been talking about taking our family to Pirate’s Cove this summer. They’re super sweet. They have a granddaughter who is 12 years old, so they’re kind of like neighborhood grandparents to our kids.

Jack helping and learning from Mike

Bethany found some baby Crocs for Norah. The hat she’s wearing in the picture below has been worn by all of our girls. We got it for Louisa when she was probably a year old and we were living in Phoenix. We’re big fans of sun hats, or at least Bethany and I are and we do a pretty good job of enforcing them on the kids.

Sweet girl.