2022-06-10 My Evenings with the Kids are the Highlight of My Day

Today my mom bought the kids some treats. For the girls she got some new clothes and for Jack she bought a Lego set. Louisa felt like a million bucks in her clothes. For possibly the first time ever, she has shorts that didn’t used to be leggings and she is LOVING IT. They’re even short shorts – not down to her knee like all of her other pairs.

My precious girl.

Working leaves very little time to spend with the kids during the week, so I try to finish work and get right in with the kids. Now that the weather has been great (even a little hot like today’s 90 degrees), and with it staying light out so long, I have been taking the kids to the neighborhood park pretty frequently.

Just look at her.

Norah spent lots of time climbing on the playground equipment.

And Jack played with his playground friend, Ethan.

I love seeing them make friends just immediately.

Meanwhile, the girls climbed to the absolute top of a rather tall tree.

They’re in there.

Jack also got in on the tree climbing.

Look at that handsome dude.
My three girls.

And to finish the day off, Norah got upset about something that she, herself, did.

You know it’s time to wrap things up when the tears start flowing.

It was a good day, and now the weekend begins.