2022-06-16 Thursday

Grandma left today and the kids were sad, obviously. I love that the kids got to spend some good time with her, especially considering we’re not going back to Michigan this summer like we have for the past few years.

Today was another work day for me but Bethany had her usual very busy day with the kids. In the morning she took the kids to a local park to play.

This girl loves her swings.

And during Norah’s nap, she helped them make a lemonade stand and boy, was it a hit! They were out for something like an hour and they made over $50! That’s way more money than I had expected them to make. Bethany used this as an opportunity to teach them about running a business and made them pay her (their employee, after all) $6 so that a) the rest of the money would divide evenly between the kids and b) she could buy herself a nice coffee from Starbucks. Bethany has a thing for Starbucks, in case you didn’t know.

Grandma made it to her overnight destination in eastern Nebraska in something like 8 hours which seems like incredible time when you compare it to traveling with 4 kids. It feels like that same drive would take us over 10 hours easily with stops for food, bathroom, just to stretch our legs, etc.