2022-06-17 Our First Summer Pool Time!

This week has been very busy for me at work, and today was no exception. I also spent almost two hours on the phone with my health insurance company because they incorrectly charged me emergency room co-pays for what should have been urgent care co-pays. I just love private health insurance – our country really has this figured out, not like the rest of the developed world and their socialized medicine.

My day at work was productive but boring to write about.

The day started out well. Friday is our trash pickup day, and Norah has started to really enjoy watching the garbage trucks. And today was doubly exciting because it was also recycling day! We went outside still in PJs so that Norah could watch the big trucks.

Pointing while making her “ooh. ooh” sounds. This girl is precious.

After that excitement, I went off to row which felt good, like it always does, but was hard, like it always is. Today we did a few distance pieces and on the first one, I got something like 800 meters in 3 minutes, which I’m pretty proud of.

When I went down to work, Bethany took the kids to story time at the library. She tells me it’s so cute to watch because the big kids get into it too and do all of the clapping or singing right along with Norah.

She posted something really beautiful about this on her Instagram today.

Then they played out on the playground outside of the library. There is also a stream for kids to go wading in. Bethany sent me this picture and it just warmed my heart. Louisa, Margaret and Jack all have their unique ways of interacting with Norah and caring for her and loving on her. They are very affectionate with her and it’s just wonderful to see.

My three girls

After work, we made a quick trip to the pool where we met some neighbor friends. It was hot and sunny until we pulled into the parking lot, when thick clouds covered the sun. We still enjoyed our time in the pool, but the slight breeze and no sun made it pretty cold when you got out of the pool. Then it was dinner right when we got home and right to bed for all the kids. Tomorrow we are heading up to Breckenridge with some friends for a day of hiking and hanging out. We’re all excited and need our rest.