2022-06-27 Bethany’s Birthday

Today was Bethany’s 38th birthday! Unfortunately we weren’t able to do anything special for her today as it’s a Monday and we have four young kids. But she did get to go out to dinner with her friend, Kirsten.

The kids don’t have any camp this week, so Bethany’s going to be busy keeping them busy and filling their days. Today she took them to a park.

Norah and Jack playing in the very wet sand.
Note the badly scraped up knee. She keeps falling and scraping only that one.

2022-06-26 Our 12th Anniversary

Today is Bethany and my 12th anniversary! It’s incredible that it’s been that long. A year used to be a long time – a decade used to be an eternity. But here we are with four wonderful kids.

It should be no surprise that a married couple with four kids isn’t able to make anything super special happen on their anniversary, but it was a nice day nonetheless. Bethany took the kids to Cherry Creek church this morning for the post-VBS party where the kids could all sing in front of church. Jack didn’t want to, though. Sweet guy. He has anxiety about people laughing at him and it can be about anything from singing in front of a crowd to wearing a new pair of shoes. He gets this anxiety straight from me, unfortunately.

In the evening we made a fire in our driveway and invited the neighbors over to roast marshmallows and make s’mores. Fun was had by all.

I also did my regular mountain bike loop and got a not-half-bad time considering the first nearly two miles were into a stiff headwind.

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain Calories Burned

2022-06-25 Fun-Filled Saturday

The weekends are always fun even when we don’t do anything major. Today we started out the day playing out front and Norah started to experiment with the balance bike. She’s a little unsure and right now she’s definitely way slower using that than she is simply walking, but it’s cute to watch her learn. All four kids will have ridden that thing – crazy.

Norah’s learning to ride the balance bike. Note Louisa being such a great helper as well.

In the afternoon, Bethany took Margaret and Jack to a playdate with one of Margaret’s classmates whose brother will be starting kindergarten with Jack. Jack will go into kindergarten knowing at least a few other boys in his grade, and we think that will help him feel better about that transition.

Louisa, Norah and I went and ran a few errands while they were gone. We stopped by Ace to see if they had something I’ve been looking for (they didn’t), and then went to the library. While at Ace, Louisa found some fancy hats and put one on Norah, too. She’s such a fun-loving and caring big sister. It makes me so proud.

Big sister, little sister.

After our errands, we went up to the neighborhood park to play a bit. There was a birthday party wrapping up so our kids naturally joined in with the other kids and played right along. They had these stomp rockets and our kids managed to get the rocket stuck up in a tree a whopping three times, meaning Dad had to climb the tree three times to shake the branch and get it down. I didn’t want to be responsible for losing the birthday boys their toy, after all.