2022-06-21 Louisa’s Tattoo Ideas

Today, Bethany told me about a conversation she and Louisa had, but first – a little context.

Recently we visited the home of one of Bethany’s friends for the memorial celebration for her husband. At this party there was a woman whose legs were absolutely covered in tattoos. Louisa and Margaret noticed this and have been drawing artwork all over their arms and legs as a result.

So today, Louisa told Bethany that she had decided that she wants to get two tattoos. Gesturing up her left forearm, Louisa said “I want to get ‘Love'” on this arm, and” gesturing up her right arm “peace on this arm. Those aren’t tattoos that I’d regret, right, Mom?”

So sweet.

2022-06-20 A New Day

Today I felt better than yesterday – emotionally, I mean. I didn’t like myself much at the end of the day yesterday, but today was a new day.

I feel like I’m coming down with some sickness – my throat is sore. This has happened a few times this spring and I’m not sure if I’m actually sick or if it’s allergies that I haven’t had in past years.

Today I went on a site visit to Tarryall Dam. We were recently selected to perform analysis and design services for the dam and I’m very excited to begin working on it. Today was just an informal meet and greet with the client but it was very informative to see the dam in person.

In the evening, I went on a bike ride with Louisa, Margaret and Jack. We rode to Cheese Ranch and they played in the stream. I love going for bike rides with the kids. It’s wonderful to see the freedom they have on their bikes and to just watch them doing something they enjoy. These kids love playing outside and it’s just the greatest. It’s tiring, as well – these active kids expect a lot of activity out of Bethany and me as well.

Look at that face!