2022-06-07 A Better Day

Not much happened today, so her are some pictures of my sweet girls. They’re each so different and so wonderful in their own unique way.

Norah has been “talking” so much lately and it’s just so much fun to observe. She’ll be playing and just singing little songs to herself, completely content in her own world. She’s also beginning to show a little sassiness. She is very opinionated about not wanting any help whatsoever with certain things, and she’s very often shaking her head ‘no’ about things we might ask her or try to do with her. Nodding her head ‘yes’ takes a lot more coordination, it seems, and right now is kind of a whole shoulder and head dip as opposed to just nodding.

Norah in her grandma pajamas.

The kids have been attending a summer camp this week at a local church. The girls have loved it from day 1, but Jack had to warm up over the first couple of days. Now they’re all in full stride and loving it each day. Sadly it’s only a four-day long camp, so Thursday is the last day. The girls are doing a cheer-leading theme and Jack’s is sports themed. They’re doing a performance for the parents on the last day which I’m sure will be just the cutest.

Making Waves at their first summer camp of 2022

2022-06-06 Not My Proudest Evening as a Dad

Phew. Being a Dad is no joke and some days are just much harder than others. This evening was one of those harder times, and I’ve had a couple others like that recently, too.

Sometimes one of the kids will do something will send me spiraling and I’ll have a hard time getting back in control. A few days ago it was something getting stuck in a window that made it unable to be closed. I started to scold and get all upset until I found a very simple way to fix the problem. But during those minutes of being upset, I created some pretty bad feelings in Louisa, which was all completely unnecessary.

Anyway, this evening was another example of that. I took the kids to the park and brought our kite along to see if we could get it to fly. It’s a two-string kite and the strings got all twisted together as I was unrolling them. And then the wind wasn’t consistent, and the kids were asking to fly it first and not being particularly patient (god forbid they be excited), and, and, and… I started to spiral again and was particularly impatient with Louisa (again, poor girl). That set me off for the next hour just really being an ass to all of the kids and not being any fun to be around.

Once I regained some control, I apologized to them but I can’t stop thinking about how awful I must have made them feel. Sure, apologizing is important and I do it often, but I’d prefer not acting like a miserable jerk in the first place, personally.

They’re such great kids and I try very hard to be a great dad and when I fail, it sticks with me.

At the park, Louisa climbed higher than I’ve ever seen her climb this tree. It’s her favorite to climb and she’s just a master at it. I couldn’t believe how high she was – like only a few branches from the absolute top.

This picture is of Jack climbing the same tree – I didn’t get a picture of Louisa climbing it today. Juggling 4 kids as it’s starting to rain and you’re in a bad mood allow for many pictures to be taken.

Jack’s getting more comfortable climbing trees.

We ultimately did get the kite up in the air, though, and the kids are really doing great with it. Louisa didn’t want to fly it, though, and I’m sure it’s because of how I was treating her at the beginning. Sorry, Louisa. I’m trying, my dear.

Jack’s also getting a hang of flying the two-lined kite.

2022-06-05 Another Big Day of Playing

Well, today’s the end of another weekend and another big day of playing.

This morning, Bethany went out to breakfast with a friend while the kids and I stayed home. The kids rode bikes, played on the trampoline, played on the swing set, played in the mud kitchen… You name it. These kids want for nothing as far as toys are concerned.

The greatest kids in the world.

Norah spent some time on the swing – her new favorite activity.

After Norah went down for her nap, Bethany took Louisa and Margaret to the library and left Jack and me at home. I put the sprinkler on the trampoline for Jack and he had just the most fun ever.

As he was jumping on the swing, he kept yelling “Best day ever!” over and over. It just meant so much to him to be able to do this. At night, Jack prayed and thanked God that he could jump on the trampoline with the sprinkler. It’s one of those things that I, as their parent, don’t anticipate and don’t fully understand, but it sure made him happy.

In the evening, Jack and I went over to Julian’s house for our first “boys’ night” of card playing and generally horsing around. We started out playing Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza and then moved on to Uno. Jack brought the card holders (compliments of Noni) for himself and Julian and they were a big hit. After Uno, we went into the basement and played superheroes, which was basically wrestling with lots of super power talk. Jack had so much fun. We finished the evening with some Spot It. Jack did such a great job walking Julian through the instructions of the game. Jack’s already excited for the next boys’ night, and I am too.

My sweetest guy.

2022-06-04 Big Day of Playing

Today was a big day of lots of playing. We started out at a pancake breakfast for the Highlands Ranch Backcountry Wilderness Area. There were pancakes (of course), pony rides, some nature information and information about camps they offer, a gold eagle information session/demonstration and tie-dying. The kids were very excited for the tie-dying.

After that, we went to the library’s kickoff celebration for the summer reading program where we got Kona Ice (!) and left pretty quickly after so that Norah could take a nap.

Then we played around the house a bit including doing some water balloons and Norah getting in on some swinging action!

In the late afternoon, the kids and I went on a bike ride together to Cheese Ranch where they played in the stream and had a great time. It didn’t feel like more than a typical weekend day, but the kids were worn out by the end. Much fun was had by all today, I think.

I was able to get a ride in, which felt great but was also pretty difficult considering the cough I’ve been dealing with. Not my best time ever, but also far from my worst.

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