2022-06-09 Grandma Arrived Today!

My mom arrived today from Michigan and the kids are so excited. She got here earlier in the day than we were expecting, which made the surprise even greater. We had been telling the kids they probably wouldn’t see her until Friday morning, but then around 1:30 this afternoon I heard the kids yelling to me that Grandma was here!

She’s going to stay for about a week and just live life with us. Our normal life is pretty chaotic, so I hope you’re ready, Mom! I’m going to take some afternoons off next week so that I can spend a bit more time with her and to help keep the peace with Bethany.

In the morning, Bethany took Norah to story hour at the library. With the nice weather, they had story time outside in the park and Norah loved it. They had bubble machines and Norah went chasing lots of bubbles.

This afternoon, Julian came over to play so that his dad could get a little work done at home. We love having Julian over – it gives all of the kids a distraction.

Norah doing some gardening. Note the differently-sized boots.
Julian was “attacking” Grandma while Jack was giving her healing superpowers.
Margaret. What else can I say?
Louisa is riding Bethany’s bike because she outgrew her bike. Everybody’s happy.